Content: Tamagotcheese is an anthology of comics brought to you by nostalgic lovers of these charming electronic pets. With artwork and stories by eleven contributors, this 100+ page volume is a tribute to the joy and memories we’ve shared in the best and worst of times with our virtual friends. Come connect with us, make new friends, grow and evolve, just like a tamagotchi!
Contributor(s): 52wk, ameru, barbara, dee, dirchansky, e1n, kim, koyar, mkage,jakface, metalshit
Specs: ~5.375″ x 8.25″, full colour cover on textured stock, 108 pages B/W, perfect bound

tamagotcheese_comic tamagotcheese_photo0 tamagotcheese_photo1 tamagotcheese_photo2