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The comics taco

Doing multi-day cons is pretty intense – by the end of the sales day, we just want to shut down our booth quickly, get out of the big crowds and get some food and rest with good company.

Love Love Hill uses a technique we affectionately dubbed “The Comics Taco” to get tidied up when exhibition halls lock up for the night. Storing our goods this way also makes it super easy to set it back up – we can just toddle in around ten minutes before the halls open to the public again, and get as much sleep and breakfast in the morning as is humanly possible.

Here’s a little tutorial in case any of you find it useful as well! (Yeah, it looks more like a burrito than a taco, but the name just stuck.)


When done correctly, it takes under 5 minutes to do! Everything is tucked away neatly and to set-up again you just reverse the steps.

Of course it works best on tables like ours, mostly populated by books, but surely you can also adapt to different kinds of set ups. We’d love to see you give it a try! 😀

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