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Compiling a print-ready file using InDesign CS3+ (Part 2)


You have all your pages in your inDesign document, page numbers ready, etc.


Turn this file into a standalone PDF file, so that you can either print this on your home laser printer, or bring it to a print shop and get it printed duplex (double-sided.)

For people using Indesign CS3+. For tutorial in CS2 (using inBooklet SE plugin), please see previous entry.

The ultimate goal is to create a book that can be folded in half and stapled down the middle. There will be 2 comic-pages per 1 side of paper. If you’re confused by this you may want to look at the presentation we made in May. This print booklet function will auto-reshuffle pages for you.


The PRINT BOOKLET option is built in. You can use this to print proper spreads straight from your printer, or you can use a ’virtual pdf printer’ if you have it installed, and output a booklet in the form of a .pdf document.

So here are my pages. Each page is 5.5″ x 8.5″, and right now I’m working in spread view.


When all your pages are in order, go file → print booklet



If you’re going to be making a lot of 2-up booklets (2 comic pages per sheet of paper), might be good idea to save your preset so you can access it easily. My printer is “adobe pdf” because I’m going to output this as a .pdf. You can also directly send it to your own printer- just select your printer from the drop down menu.

Next I’m going to click “print settings” on the bottom so you can see my settings.


I’m going to have 2 pages of comic on on a landscape sheet of paper. Never rescale or fit to width unless you want to risk messing up your bitmap screentones (moire).







You can read more about transparency flattener here if you like. Not really relevant for my straight up bitmap files.

Click OK when you’re done. It takes you back to the print booklet menu.

The final output, look at the PREVIEW – make sure the orientation is correct!


When you’re done, click PRINT! Indesign will start processing. It will automatically put 2 comic pages (5.5″ x 8.5″) adjacent to each other on landscape orientation paper (8.5″ x 11″).

My adobe PDF printer auto-saves new .pdf files to my desktop. The file is 24 pages, each page is 600dpi bitmap. The compiled .pdf was ~4mb large.

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