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Compiling a print-ready file using InDesign CS2 (Part 2)


You have all your pages in your inDesign document, page numbers ready, etc. See previous step (part 1) here.


Turn this file into a standalone PDF file, so that you can either print this on your home laser printer, or bring it to a print shop and get it printed duplex (double-sided.)

The following is for CS2 only. For CS3 and up, please see the other post.

Go to File > InBooklet SE


And the dialogue box will come up. Usually I fill it out as follows. It’d likely give you 0.5in for margins and everything, since we have already set it to whatever it was in the file, I just make it ZERO for everything. Make sure to click on Create New Document so that InBooklet will generate a new document for us instead of printing it.


Next, click on printing, and unclick everything like Crop Marks, Registration Marks, etc. We don’t really need them in this demo since we are just printing the standard half letter size book. Go ahead and play with the options if you’d like.


Click OK and it’ll generate a new file for you.

You’ll notice that the pages are switched around and you now only have 6 pages instead of 12 pages.


Next, we are going to export this file as a PDF file for printing. Go to File > Export. Save as a file name you want.


I have set up my own PDF Preset, called koyar comic print. The preset doesn’t have much, other than making sure files aren’t compressed.

Click on Compression on the left, you can see all the compression options for the preset that I have chosen.


Go to Marks and Bleeds. Again, turn everything off because we don’t need it.


Click on Export, and it will start generating the file for you.

Open it up in Acrobat, and you can print duplex from this file! 12 pages go onto 3 double sided sheets.


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